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Does Corona Virus qualify as a Force Majeure Event?

Does Corona Virus qualify as a Force Majeure Event – UAE & KSA perspectives

Join us in an informative and practical discussion on whether the Corona Virus can be considered as a Force Majeure event and therefore relied on to terminate contractual arrangements or obligations of parties under a contract.

Date: Wednesday 1 April, at 3 PM Gulf Standard Time. The duration of the event is one hour.

This webinar shall cover and provide insight on:

1) UAE Laws and Civil principles that relate to Force Majeure clauses.
2) Compare and contrast briefly common law principles as contracts may be subject to Common law under DIFC Jurisdiction.
3) KSA and Shariah principles and consideration applicable to force majeure events and the corona virus situations.
4) A discussion on the different impacts of corona virus on different nature of contracts including, hospitality, sporting, construction, service contracts.


CEO’s , CFO’s, C-Level Managers (C-Suite) General Managers, Directors and Officers
In-House Lawyers
Business Owners


Mr Richard Brady – International qualified British lawyer
Mr Cyrille Naffah – Legal Counsel KSA
Moderated by Mrs Suraya Turk – Managing Partner Legal Circle – Australian qualified lawyer

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