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Understanding the real estate market in Dubai with NHBC

What’s the real estate scenario in Dubai, UAE? Is it the right time to start your real estate business in Dubai? Consult NHBC business setup consultants!


Dubai is one of the popular Emirates in the UAE. The appealing infrastructure and well-built organizations improve the chances of real estate business in Dubai. The city has seen huge rise since previous years and therefore, every entrepreneur wish to buy or sell commercial properties in Dubai. The residential real estate market provides an aggressive and substantial return on investment for all purchases.  

Dubai’s real estate market is expected to grow 2 percent on average in 2023. The high-end properties continue to see huge demand in the upcoming years. The market will remain stable and offer investors good inflation hedge as per the study reports. The city has maintained to be the safest place in the world especially attracting investors and tourists. The long-term visas and low tax rates are the factors of attraction.

What’s the scope of real estate business in Dubai?

Dubai was hit by the coronavirus pandemic but soon it was able to revive from its effects. The property rate was going to the lowest and got back to the normal rates. Since2015, Dubai has been on the front row in total number of transactions. After the pandemic crisis, there have been amendments made in the long-term residency laws and it recoils the real estate market in Dubai.

As per the Middle East research reports, the real estate market of Dubai has experienced over 10000 plus deals from January to April 2021. This records almost 34.5%growth, recovering from the back to back blows of covid pandemic. The vaccinations helped the growth of business by improving the trade value.

Why should you invest in Dubai real estate market?

Strategic location

Like other global cities New York, Paris, etc, Dubai provides excellent quality of life. Today, it’s the second home to many Asians and people from similar continents. The unmatched lifestyle, cultural and food similarities add to its overall attractiveness.

High investment  and rental yields

Being a biggest motivator of real estate, the city offers average 7% rental yield, it’s massive compared to other global cities like London, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. The property prices have seen a major rise with residential properties witnessing a growth of 10 percent.

Friendly government policies

The UAE has made several policies to attract foreign direct investment into the country and boost the real estate market. However, in the recent days, the investment limit has been lowered from AED 5 million to AED 2 million. This drastic cut led to a huge demand in the Dubai real estate sector and it’s expected to turn as a global destination.


Work with NHBC – Business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE

‍Being a popular business setup service provider in Dubai, we have been supporting our clients with various services. We also serve as a real estate consultants focusing on selling, renting, leasing, and managing properties. We extend our support in residential and commercial tenancy contracts, Ejari services, Dubai land department, and other services related to property management or real estate in UAE. NHBC’s dedicated team will guide you with every step along the real estate sector!

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