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Why should foreigners invest in the UAE?

UAE is renowned for its investor-friendly policies and easy business setup process. Consult NHBC business setup firm to launch your business in UAE.


UAE is a federation with seven emirates. The rapid transformation from an economy that was completely dependent on fishing and pearls to become a financial power house of the world, UAE is a must-wanted country among foreign investors. The stable political system, huge capital flow, and liberal tax environment makes UAE as an attractive investment hub of the world. Overall, UAE continues to facilitate a well-maintained and secure business system.

AS per the UNCTAD or UN conference on trade and development’s global report, UAE is the second largest foreign direct investment or FDI beneficiary of Western Asia. Dubai is one of the most developed Emirates with several business benefits. There are many expats who work, live, or do their business in Dubai.

Why foreign investors consider business setup in UAE?

There are many reasons to consider UAE as a business hub. Find out the most significant reasons,

  • Robust infrastructure

UAE has the best infrastructures in the world. The country has made several investments indifferent sectors such as power, telecommunications, and green energy.

As you know, UAE is a desert country but even the roadside blooming flowers astound first visitors. Additionally, it has the most luxurious land, water, and sea transport in the world, Moreover, the nation offers incredible internet service and rank top for the mobile network speed.

  • Easy business setup

With smart initiatives from the UAE government, it’s easy to launch your dream business. The rapidly evolving tech facilities and well-cooperative government plays avital role in bringing more foreign investors to the country. Now, starting a company in Dubai is just a few clicks away. It’s easy to process the paper works but a business setup consultant can speed up the process and ensure quick company formation.  

  • Security and economic stability

UAE has a robust legal and security system. Apart from brilliant security measures, the country has significant financial reserves that contribute to the UAE’s economy.

Additionally, UAE is a proud country with very low crime rate in the world. So, every resident, citizen, or even visitor feel it’s a safe destination in the world. UAE tops Japan and Switzerland for being the safest nations in the world.

  • Innovative space

UAE ecosystem allows access to huge resources like technology, information, skills, and funding. Any successful venture in aviation, manufacturing, media, healthcare, or agriculture can leverage the ecosystem of UAE as a space for operations, export, or research.

In several fields, the nation has emerged as an innovation hub paving way to incredible developments that could impact the world. For example – stem cell therapy and vertical farming in agriculture, use of sophisticated materials in aviation, transportation, and green electricity.

  • Tax-free or low-tax regime

UAE doesn’t implement tax on individual earnings. UAE has 40 free zones and cover a wide range of industries including manufacturing, aviation, transportation, finance, commodities, and more. Here, foreign investors benefit from tax breaks and complete ownership. In certain cases, you have to pay tariffs up to 5%.


Invest with NHBC business setup consultants in Dubai

Real estate, IT, digital marketing, food, agriculture, stocks, crypto, etc are the trending investment opportunities in UAE.

Do you wish to invest and become an entrepreneur in UAE? Consult NHBC business setup experts to guide you throughout the procedure. We have a team of legal corporate advisors who provide the best advice on business type, suitable jurisdiction, and related factors. Therefore, you get a clear investment idea and make it successful. Reach us to know more!

 please call us at +971 58 500 8643 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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