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5 ways to find a real estate service provider in Dubai, UAE

How to find the best real estate agency in Dubai? NHBC provides one of the best real estate services in Dubai. Pricing, legal formalities, valuation, etc

5 Ways To Find A Real Estate Service in Dubai

Real Estate is a booming industry in Dubai, UAE. As you know the procedure of purchasing or selling a property can be challenging for a beginner. Right from identifying the property to finalize it as a big deal, we have to focus on several factors. For this reason, you can utilize the assistance of a professional real estate firm in Dubai.  

Before finalizing your real estate partner, here are few points to remember

  • Firms that match your expectations

Before choosing a real estate service, make sure you work with professionals. They help you throughout the process providing necessary insights or expert opinions about the properties in Dubai. Choosing a perfect property consultant can put your trust into more real estate services. When it comes to real estate, experts suggest five or more experience.

  • Check the pricing

Budget is a significant factor while choosing your real estate firm. If you’re planning to sell a property, get quotes from different brokerages and understand their pricing. On the other hand, if your price it too high, it will never gain the attention of buyers. It’s because people understand that you’re not realistic. Moreover, if your property stays on the market for a longer time, then buyers consider it as a defective one.

  • Within your budget range

Whatever may be your requirements like selling, leasing, renting, or buying, select a company that works in your price range. For example – if you want to buy a property worth AED 600,000 to a million, here, you have to check for real estate firms listing in that particular price range. If a company focus on more expensive properties, they cannot serve your needs. Therefore, you’re unlikely to gain attention from those agents.

  • Good communication

Working with agencies involves certain time costs. Here, you have to be in touch with the agent for a period of time. Therefore, find one of the best real estate agencies who could speak in your language or fluent in English. So, you can avoid any communication difficulties.

  • Ability to handle legal formalities

Your agency should keep up with the transactions and ensure happy closing. They should be able to complete all the legal formalities and get a mortgage preapproved from the buyer.


Choose the best real estate service in Dubai

NHBC or New Horizon business consultants ensure one of the best real estate service providers in Dubai, UAE. NHBC can be your trusted and loyal real estate service provider connecting potential buyers and sellers.

Amidst of the changing rules and regulations in UAE, we work as a trustworthy partner in both banking and real estate services. We provide a wide range of services including mortgages, advice on investment plans, viewings, valuation of property, renting, investing in property, and related services. Additionally, we sort out the legal complications.

Our expert team work seamlessly for quick registration at the RERA or Real Estate Regulatory Agency for residential and commercial tenancy contracts, Ejari, and Dubai Land Department, and other similar services. Whether it’s exchange, purchase, lease of property, or management, we do it seamlessly. please call us at +971 58 500 8643 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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