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Get your UAE residence visa with NHBC, Dubai

A Residence visa allows you to reside long-term in UAE! Find out the benefits of a UAE residence visa, different types of residence visas, and more.

Why do you need a UAE residence visa?

UAE is a popular business hub of the Middle East. It’s a dream destination for entrepreneurs and investors. The well-organized emirates and rich economy makes it an

incredible place for you and your family to live and work.

If you’re planning to relocate, you need a UAE residence visa. Having a UAE resident visa allows you to invest and truly call it as your home country. Having a UAE residence visa allows foreign nationals to invest, work, or live in the UAE. The visa allows you to stay from 2 years to 10 years depending on the applicant category.

Why do you need a UAE resident visa?

UAE has been on the growth trajectory since years. The growth has attracted several investors to make their active contributions in the country. Besides, UAE has become the most preferred location among HNIs or High net worth individuals. UAE stays ahead of many industrial hubs like UK, Singapore, etc providing tax exemptions, easy business setup, excellent connectivity, good climate, and many other factors too.

Furthermore, understand why you have to reside with a UAE residence visa?

  • Security

UAE is one of the safest countries in the world. The UAE’s secure laws and administration encourage foreign nationals to consider it as their next residence.

  • Support family

If you obtain a UAE residence visa, then you can apply visa for your family members.

  • Tax exemptions

UAE residents are free from income tax since they don’t have an income tax policy. In certain conditions, VAT is applied on income.

  • Purchase property

UAE has seen a massive growth in real estate sector. With UAE residence visa, you can buy or invest in property or even rent out the same.

  • Open corporate or personal bank account

The UAE laws and regulations keep residents under low risk category. Therefore, the residents are allowed to open both personal and corporate bank account to conduct various transactions.

What are the different types of UAE residence visa?

The residence visa depends on the purpose of stay. At present, UAE offers the following residence visas,

  • UAE investment visa or long-term residency allows foreigners to make investment for a very long period.
  • UAE family visa allows resident visa to close family members of UAE citizens or international residents.
  • UAE work visa supports foreigners who found their work in UAE with a secured work permit.

Get your UAE residence visa with NHBC

If you’re interested to obtain UAE residence visa, we’re here to support. With a highly expert team, we assist the residency application right from the start to finish. We highly recommend reaching out our professionals. They guide you throughout the visa entry permit application process. Furthermore, we support you in the medical examination, Emirates ID application, and visa stamping procedures. NHBC guides you in acquiring all the approvals and permissions hassle-free. Therefore, we facilitate quick residence visa services on your behalf. please call us at +971 58 500 8643 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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